2008 Mercedes B Class

2008 Mercedes B Class Mercedes has long looked at the entire U.S. auto market as fair game, meaning it is not just a place where it can sell luxury vehicles, but a place to market “low budget” vehicles too. Unknown to some American motorists, the Mercedes name is much broader than simply being a luxury …

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Paul van Dyk biography

Paul van Dyk biography Paul Van Dyk was born in Eisenhuettenstadt in East Germany in 1971. He grew up in communist East Berlin, but had a keen interest in music from an early age and used to listen to house music on radio stations broadcasting from the other side of the Berlin Wall. When the …

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About the county

About the county Czech Republic is located in Central Europe bordering Poland to the north, Germany to the northwest and west, Austria to the south, and Slovakia to the east. The capital of Czech Republic is Prague which is also the biggest city of Czech Republic and a popular tourist destination. Czech Republic became a …

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