Air Conditioners For Greater Energy Efficiency

Air Conditioners For Greater Energy Efficiency

Are you aware of the fact that around one sixth of the total electricity produced in the United States goes in air conditioning buildings? The U.S. Department of Energy has therefore increased the minimum energy efficiency rating for air conditioners on 23rd January 2006. The increased energy efficiency ratings would be useful for all, as it would help in reducing the energy bills as well as pollution.

Do you know how efficient your air conditioner is? One way you can easily find it out is through SEER, i.e., an energy efficiency ratio measurement. The SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, is used for setting a basic standard of machines that are friendly to the environment. It rates an air conditioner on the basis of the amount of energy it can effectively use. If the number of SEER given on the conditioner is high, it goes to say that the energy efficiency of the machine is also high.

Since the concerns about the environment have increased, the amount of the SEER on air conditioning machines has also gone up. Whereas in 1992, the minimum SEER standard was 10, the new law passed in January 2006 has made all rumors true by stretching up the minimum SEER to 13. This rise in the SEER from 10 to 13 means that the efficiency of a particular air conditioner has improved 30 percent more.

However, a machine with a higher SEER would mean that its price and the installation costs would also mount up. But this does not really seem to affect most people as they presume that a higher initial investment would ultimately be cost effective in the long run, and they would be able to save on their energy bills this way.

If you are impressed by the fact that one sixth of the United States’ electricity goes in air conditioning, you would be all the more pleased to know that The Department of Energy assumes that by 2030, the energy and SEER laws will be further changed. The energy that they would thus save would actually provide enough electricity for 26 million homes for an entire year!

So the best way you can save energy is to bring home a good quality air conditioner. The most vital thing is to regularly maintain the cooling unit of your machine. You can ensure a maximum efficiency of your conditioner if you change the filters and verify the functioning of the machine from time to time. If it’s not already too late for this advice, get a qualified technician to install your air conditioner.