Energy Crisis

Energy Crisis

If we look at the current “energy” crisis from a different perspective- there is valuable information available for us to access and apply to our lives. What could soaring gas/oil prices, limited production and increased demand represent on a “metaphysical” level? What is the deeper meaning to the political and corporate power struggles taking place? Why is there so much conflict and strife around the topic of “energy?”

The intelligence that created and guides this Universe is speaking to us. There is an abundance of wisdom calling for our attention.

What does “fuel” represent? It is what we need to move. It powers our cars, homes and airplanes. It is an essential ingredient to our lives at this moment. It is “energy”. Just as the world requires energy – so do we. We are complex energy systems that require fuel to exist. However, it is not gas/oil that we require- it is energy of a different type. Our existence is animated by an unseen and powerful energy. We do not know exactly what it is- but we know it exist.

Are we not experiencing a similar “energy crisis” within our own lives? There is so much going on around us in the outer “world” that our own personal and spiritual energy has become precious and scarce. Our attention is constantly being drawn “outward” and we expend vast amounts of energy just to get through the day. Our own energy has become compromised by stress, worry, anxiety and fear. The cost of continuing along this path is exorbitant. It is costing us our health, well-being and happiness. We are caught up in our own “power struggles” and regardless of how it is manifesting in our individual circumstances – it is a struggle for our own energy. We feel empty and depleted so we desperately try to control the world around us, hoping this will fill our emptiness. We allow fear to drive us around in circles- wasting more and more energy. The ways in which we do this are endless and the “world” will constantly remind you of the “lie” that you are powerless.

We are constantly bombarded with images of fear, lack and inadequacy. Turn on the television and you will hear such uplifting messages such as; you are too old and/or too fat and your teeth are not white enough. You will probably have a heart attack or get cancer or some other dreadful disease. You are probably depressed and both you and your house need a makeover. If you are having financial problems, you can pay only .99 to purchase a “system” that will make you a millionaire in a few short months. If your husband and/or boyfriend does not buy you a 5-carat diamond ring, then he does not love you. The “Christian” stations are selling redemption and salvation; by becoming a prayer partner for .00 a month you are assured of God’s blessings. Oh yeah, just in case you don’t have enough to worry about- the devil is out to get you. Take a moment and understand that companies pay big money for airtime and their only objective is to sell you something. If you enjoy watching television, then by all means watch it- but do not base who you are or how you feel about yourself by what you see and hear.

We are constantly picking on others and ourselves. Our attention is drawn outward and focused on what is “wrong”. No wonder there is an energy shortage. What is happening in the world is a manifestation of what is happening in our spirits. The wisdom of the Universe is trying to tell you something.

You are not powerless, alone or empty. There is always an unlimited supply of energy available to you at any time. Fighting with your spouse, friends, family, co-workers or business partner will not “fill you up”. Telling someone what is wrong with him or her or his or her behavior will not bring you peace. Beating up on yourself or dwelling on past “mistakes” will not recharge your energy. Your attempt to control situations out of anger and a quest for “control” will only create further conflict.

Call upon the awesome and incredible power and love of God (by whichever terminology you choose). The wisdom that created you, did not forget about you. Perhaps you have separated yourself? There is an abundance of “fuel” available, all you have to do is recognize this truth and ask. It is really that simple. The energy crisis in the world is only a mirror of the crisis within us. Recharge your energy by calling on the endless supply that is available to fill your life with peace, love and blessings. If there are situations in your life that you wish to change or create, then do so with a peaceful heart and spirit. By handling situations from a place of love, you do not deplete the energy of others or yourself.

Dear God (Universe, Goddess, Father/Mother God, All that is)

Fill me with love, peace and wisdom.
Pour your light into my life so my eyes will be opened to the truth.
Help me to see my own power, beauty and uniqueness.
Fuel my spirit to stay connected to the unlimited supply of creative energy that is always pouring forth.
Give me the knowing, that by partnering with the Divine- I am strong and powerful.
Fill my mind with your thoughts.
Help me to release guilt, anger, worry and fear.
As my heart opens- so do my spiritual eyes and I release all judgments about others and myself.
As my connection to the Divine grows- I am an observer of the world around me.
I have the power to choose how to use my energy for the highest good of all concerned.
I am no longer afraid of the false projections shown to me.
Amen (so it is)

Paula Picard, Psychic and Spiritual Teacher