Simple Sources Of Alternative Energy

´╗┐Simple Sources Of Alternative Energy

There is a lot of talk in the world today about the energy crisis and about ways that we can contribute to the solution. I don’t know about you, but I get overwhelmed and tired when I hear about the nearly endless amount of problems that threaten our environment each day. I am tired of hearing about global solutions that are aimed at making massive changes. Instead, I want to hear about the small changes that I as an individual can make that will help our energy crisis. So I’ve done a little research for your sake and mine, and I’ve come up with a few basic methods of alternative energy that almost anyone can follow.

First, and rather obvious, is to drive your car as little as possible. I hate hearing about solutions that are so unrealistic that they will never happen. You know as well as I do that we cannot all stop driving our cars every day. But maybe, just maybe, we can all look for small and simple ways to carpool and to cut down on the amount that we need to drive. Do you have a neighbor that works with you? If so, then contribute to alternative energy by carpooling and leaving one of the cars at home. Or even better, look for every chance to walk or ride a bike. I think we get caught up in all of the scientific terms about energy resourcing that we forget the most true source of alternative energy: ourselves. The more we can use our physical bodies, the better health we will be in and the more we will be contributing to the international effort to save energy.

Other simple methods of going for alternative energy are to shut off lights during the day and let the natural light of the sun brighten up your room or office. I cannot tell you how many homes and offices I have entered in the middle of the day that had lights blaring while the sun was beating in from outisde. So take a good look around you and see what extra lights and other appliances you have plugged in that you really don’t need to use. The chances are high that everyone reading this has a few small ways that they could save energy each day.

Looking for various alternative energy sources is what will save the world. Like candlelight? Then consider using candles to light your room at night while you read. The world may not be changed by one more order from the government, but it just might be changed as individuals do their part in helping find and use methods of alternative energy.