Using Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Using Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Buying only products with Energy Star labels will help one save money with a lower energy bill, and at the same time help save the earth with less harmful greenhouse gas emissions. This Energy Star labels started out around 1992 with computers and monitors as the first products labeled with these. At around 1995 to 1996, major appliances used at home and in businesses have been included in the program. This is a joint program with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and US Department of Energy. Partnerships with both the private and the public sectors have also made this drive more effective.

Like all other major appliances, the ceiling fan industry is no exception to the Energy Star labeling program. There is now Energy Star ceiling fans available in the market, carried by a variety of brand names. With this, the consumer will have the better alternative in choosing Energy Star ceiling fans over others with no such label.

The consumer will be able to help in the drive in energy savings, lessening the need for more energy, thereby minimizing the demands on a nation to provide more power and energy; also, the consumer will be able to save on his energy usage. Having less energy consumption would equally affect the amount of gas emissions detrimental to nature and our environment. Energy Star ceiling fans become the best choice for one to place in homes, offices, warehouses, stores, and wherever one desires to put such fans.

Monte Carlo fans offer Energy Star qualified ceiling fans. At you will be able to browse more of their Energy Star ceiling fans. Such ceiling fans are 5GP60RB – 60” Grand Prix – Roman Bronze, 5MS52TB – 52” Mansion Fan – Tuscan Bronze, 5AB52OC – 52” Aberdeen Old Chicago, and many more.

You can try visiting and look over the ‘Specialty’ category and click on ‘Energy Star’, and then on ‘Ceiling Fans’. They have also a web facility wherein you can compare features, dimensions, certification (whether Energy Star qualified or not), prices and many more. This is one site where you can choose from among the Energy Star ceiling fans they have available and make a decision from the comparison results.

When choosing, make sure these are Energy Star ceiling fans. Having this specification will ensure that you have a quality product, and an environment-friendly one at that. With this Energy Star specification, you are sure of being able to enjoy the benefits of money saved, and of the environment protected with such use.