Arnold for EU President?

´╗┐Arnold for EU President?

Roger Helmer MEP initially wrote me that it was a stupid question but didn’t respond when I asked him if it was impossible for Arnold to hold European office.
Actually, I’ve graciously since received Mr. Helmer’s thoughtful reasons why he doesn’t believe Arnold would leave the United States for Europe’s political arena:
Dear David,
1. He has an enviable position in the US political system
2. He has made it clear that “all he has he owes to America”. And you think he would leave?
3. If he has any further ambitions, surely he wants a change in the US Constitution and a run at the US Presidency.
And, when I offered him in a separate email, Beyond Babylon, gratis, his gracious reply:
Dear David,
Perhaps I misjudged you!
Are you also one of us, who are working for the post-EU Europe? If so, I think I may owe you an apology!
I am not an accredited media reviewer, but if you want to send me the book (and if I like it) I shall certainly feature it in my e-newsletter.
Street Address:
11 Central Park,
Leicestershire LE17 4PN,
Best regards,
And my response:
Dear Roger,
All’s well, that ends well!
Thank you for your thoughtful reasons why you don’t believe Arnold would seek a European office.
I’ve forwarded your mailing address to my publishers for them to send you a copy of Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall.
It’s just amazing how life is sometimes. That my English ancestors would’ve never dreamed they would come to America, have a descendant write a book, and correspond with their representative (they were from Leicestershire – the Mervins & Rileys).
May you have a wonderful weekend!
Most Sincerely,
David Ben-Ariel