Boating Holidays

Boating Holidays

When we speak of boating holidays, we aren’t referring to a day set aside to celebrate everything boating – although many boating enthusiasts would probably like a holiday like that! In Europe and many other places, vacations are referred to as holidays, so a boating holiday is essentially a boating vacation in Europe.

There are many wonderful boating holiday destinations around Europe. England is a great place to enjoy a boating holiday. They have miles and miles of canals where you can take a narrowboat up and down the water enjoying the beautiful countryside along the way. Narrowboats are like cabin cruisers with sleeping quarters and spacious places on deck for sightseeing.

One great part of taking a boating holiday in England is the availability of water side pubs where you can pull up to, tie off at a dock, and enjoy some old-fashioned English delicacies as well as some fine ale. Just be sure you don’t overdo it lest you become a dangerous boat captain!

You may want to also look into an Irish boating holiday. Many say that cruising Ireland’s rivers and lakes is an experience never to be forgotten and often repeated. Not only is the Irish countryside some of the most beautiful in Europe, there are many shore side places ripe for exploring including woods and castles open to the public.

There are many towns and villages along the way, and the local people are well-known for extending hospitality to visitors. The local shops and pubs on the waterways where you can find some great local entertainment found nowhere else. The fishing in Ireland is also excellent with some prize-winning trout, perch, and salmon readily found along the way.

Boating holidays in the beautiful country of France also are among top choices for avid boaters. French waterways travel through some of the most varied countryside in Europe with each region steeped in its own particular culture, history, and architecture.

The real France is found on a leisurely cruise along the French rivers and canals. On a boating holiday in France, you can see vineyards, chateaus, and quaint villages far from the usual tourist haunts. You can sample gourmet delights in beautiful country inns or feast on board your boat in the open air with some of the finest wines in the world.

Boating holidays in Europe are easily planned as there are boat rental places everywhere along the European waterways. Europe is a beautiful place, and when you plan a boating holiday in this beautiful part of the world, you’re sure to have memories that you will want to share for lifetimes to come.