Budapest And The Hungarians

Budapest And The Hungarians

Budapest is located in Middle Eastern Europe and it surrounded by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Yugoslavia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. Hungary is frequented visited by US tourists and.

This is a friendly city with about 2 million citizen.

Budapest is split right through by the great River Danube, like a hyphen in the city’s very name. Just as a Danube divides Europe into East and West, so it divides this city’s west-bank Buda district from the east-bank district of Pest. East and west, the city has been tugged in both directions for almost its entire history.

Budapest is the largest city in Central Europe, Budapest is also one of its loveliest, hugging the curve of a wide band in the Danube. Along the west bank, the city climbs quickly up to Castle Hill, site of the former Royal Palace and the medieval village of Buda.

On a flat, low-lying plain across the river is Pest, the modern administrative and commercial hub of Budapest. An admirable example of town planning, the so called Inner City is distinguished by board, leafy boulevards, continental cafes and handsome baroque, neo-classical and novo buildings. The city’s grand look, fin-de-siecle look has prompted many to call Budapest “the Paris of the East.”

The point where the two sides face each other, across the Danube is what defines Budapest best. Lining the left bank of Pest is the palatial neo-Gothic Parliament building a whole city block of white spires, topped by a neo-Renaissance red dome. Just as famous is the 19th-century Chain Bridge regally guarded by four stone lions and linking (along with seven other bridges) the two banks of the city.

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