Children Traveling With Family or Friends

Children Traveling With Family or Friends

Sometimes it’s necessary to allow your child to travel with a close friend or family member. Maybe Grandmom is spending the summer in Europe and wants to take the grandkids along for a trip of their lifetime. Or, perhaps your child’s best friend is going to the beach during a school break and have invited your child along. These kind of trips are usually more stressful for parents than children.

To alleviate your concern, speak to the adult who will be in charge during the trip. Be clear on any conditions you may have regarding the trip. Maybe Grandmom can take Suzie to Europe to visit family, but you want to her to be with Grandmom the entire time, no babysitters, even family, allowed. Make these kinds of wishes clear.

If your child has food allergies or a medical condition, spend time teaching the responsible adult about the condition. Send written materials with the adult and make sure they have all emergency numbers and medication.

Share any medication information with the responsible adult, as well. Educate them on side effects and things to watch for.

Get a detailed itinerary from the responsible adult. You will feel much better if you know well in advance where your child will be going and where they will be staying. If they will be staying with friends or family overseas, call and speak to those people before your child leaves. This is especially important if you have never met these family members.

Be sure to give the responsible adult medical power of attorney over your child for the duration of the trip. Nothing is more upsetting than getting a call from a hospital out of country that your child has been injured or is ill, but they can’t provide medical treatment until you arrive on the premises.