Cost of Living in Acapulco

Cost of Living in Acapulco

Sun, sea, and sand, Acapulco drums up all that was once glamorous in the sixties and seventies, and of course who could forget Elvis with his “Fun in Acapulco”. Sometimes called ‘Las Vegas by the Sea’, Acapulco has become a home to generations of stars such as the Kennedy’s, Taylor and Burton, Sinatra, and recently the Clintons. This amazing city is an immortal bay island area that was once a favorite in Hollywood folklore. Today, Acapulco still remains to entice millions of tourists every year.

Acapulco summons as a retirement destination for a lot of people who have visited the place and came to love it, there are a lot of North Americans who have left the cold winters and hectic pace-of-life behind in exchange for a laid-back lifestyle in this charming city before reaching retirement age. Others have been captivated by the exquisite natural beauty of the place, the all tropical weather, and the charming locals, and have actually bought houses and properties as a second home where they could find a heavenly retreat from their ‘different’ world.

A lot of Canadians and Americans live and work in Acapulco full-time and many lived here part-time. Acapulco is an easily accessible place from the US and some areas are close enough for great weekend getaways. Most notably, the cost of living in Acapulco is generally one third to one half of that in the US, Canada, and many parts of Europe. The cost of living in Acapulco of course greatly depends on how you choose your life style.

One thing you should remember though, Mexico is still a third world country and that includes Acapulco, so living here may require huge adjustments especially if you’re used to the fast-paced lifestyle. You may also want to understand that although the cost of living in Acapulco is cheaper than that of the US, Canada or Europe, it’s still very much different settling here than just spending two weeks on a vacation, things are done differently and they’re not going to change for you.

The cost of living in Acapulco ranges within the costs for middle and upper class family lifestyle which considers a ,300 to ,400 US dollars monthly income. The cost includes housing, food, transportation, clothing, recreation, health, appliances and furniture, and personal expenses. These costs are in US dollars and are based on an exchange rate of 11.50 pesos to a dollar.

Housing in Acapulco comes in wide array of all shapes and sizes, some are high priced and some very reasonable considering that is in a major resort area. It is very hard to find bargains and so an American standard home may come in 100k to 200k price range. A lot of people who wants to settle in Acapulco usually look for a house with a view and a pool for a 100k price; although it may exist, it’s very hard to find.

But behind the big adjustment that one has to overcome if settling in Acapulco, the fact that the cost of living in Acapulco is still way low from the normal cost of living in the US, Canada, and some parts of Europe, is still a good reason to consider Acapulco as your retirement paradise.