If you live in Greece, would you like to have gargoyles on the roof of your house as well? And if you are a resident there or have learned quite a few things about the place, you would know that the white paint on the tree trunks is not meant to ward off evil like gargoyles are believed to be capable of.

Situated in the southernmost part of Europe, Greece has geographic formations distinct form all other countries in Europe. It encompasses an area of 50,959 square miles which includes its numerous islands. According to the 1991 census, it has a population of about 10.2 million, excluding of course, the five million that live elsewhere.

Greece may have seas on its three sides: the Ionian Sea on its west, the Aegean Sea on its east, and the Mediterranean Sea on its south, but a good 80% of it is actually mountainous. With its abundant share of islands, its coastline is considered to be one of the longest in all of Europe.

There are many huge cities in Greece, and the largest one is its capital, Athens. It is home to more than three million people. Thessaloniki, the second largest, lies north of the country and has about a million residents. Other major cities are Piraeus, Volos, Iraklion, Patras, and Larissa.

Summer season in Greece means hot and dry weather. Winters are surprisingly mild in almost all parts of the country. Showers and heavy downpour usually happens in autumn and winter. Greek is the official language, but English and French are two other languages known in Greece. The country’s literacy rate is very high with 97.5% of the population estimated to be literate. Ninety-eight percent of the country’s total population makes up the Greek Orthodox religion, while only 1.3% accounts for the Muslims, and the remaining 0.7% comprises other religions.

The Greek National Flag is made up of its national colors – blue and white. Its flag has four white horizontal stripes and five blue ones, and a white cross on the topmost inner corner. The blue color is used to signify the sky and the seas, while the white color symbolizes the clean struggle for their freedom in 1821. The Christian religion is expressed by the white cross on the flag.

Greece has many ancient beliefs up to this date. This is evident in the display of gargoyles on most Greek houses. Even paying a compliment to someone can mean more than a flattery. And if staring in most countries is considered rude, Greeks take it to be more than just being impolite. They actually believe it is the Evil Eye. However you shrug at the thought, Greeks are undaunted in their belief.