Playstation 3 Quantities

Playstation 3 Quantities

Before the launching of the Playstation 3 in November 2006, Sony announced that they would be shipping Playstation 3 quantities of two-million consoles for the US and Japan, and another six-million consoles by the end of its March 2007 financial year. Although the release of the Playstation 3 has been postponed a number of times prior to its November launching, and the announced delayed release in Europe and Australia to March 2007, Sony has assured its market consumers that the target of the Playstation 3 quantities to be shipped are achievable and will remain unchanged

The delayed delivery of aimed Playstation 3 quantities to Europe and Australia, as well as to the rest of the world, has been due to the availability of blue lasers; however, Sony has stated that the bottleneck has been resolved, and the production of the said needed component has been released in volume and they have been reaching their target Playstation 3 quantities in production.

During the Playstation 3’s release in Japan on November 11, 2006, and in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and North America on November 17, about 81, 639 Playstation 3 consoles were released over the weekend in Japan. The demand for Playstation 3 extensively outstripped its supply; however, sales have been dropping every week since its launch because of scarcity.

Estimated Playstation 3 quantities of 42,099 units were sold in the full first week of sales, and lowered down to 32,622 consoles sold starting November 20 to 27. The following weeks continued to show a drop in sales that lowered to an estimated 31,436 units. The shortage with the production of PS3’s may have contributed to its reduced popularity and sales, but Sony is determined to hit the target with it Europe and Australia launching, and aims to get everything back on top.

Sony has also announced of the company’s looking for ways to reduce the PS3’s manufacturing cost to turn profits on the consoles as fast as possible. Generally, game console manufacturers have sold their gadgets at cost or even at a loss and depended on the game software to profit. In PS3’s case, the production costs have been seen at a height and losses run between 0 and 5 for every console. One of the factors that PS3 has been quite expensive is because of its Cell Processor that is its main component.

Nevertheless, targeted Playstation 3 quantities are on its way, and will be hitting the market in full force soon.