The Capital of Switzerland

The Capital of Switzerland

A charming, steep-sided isthmus with the swift flowing River Aare, Bern the capital of Switzerland, attracts tourists with its calm, cobbled lanes, streaked with sandstone arcaded structures spanning the pavement. This beautiful and diverse capital of Switzerland is a medieval city established in 1191 and in over five hundred years has barely changed except for the embellishment of modern shops and unusual car or tram clattering past.

The capital of Switzerland, Bern, still has liberally wooded hills and steep river banks that surround it. The sight of both the Old Town’s huddled roofs and that of the horizon’s imposing Alps, are definitely awe-inspiring. Coming from Geneva or Zurich, people tend to forget that Bern, once chosen as the most floral city of Europe, is the capital of Switzerland, and abode of the Swiss Parliament as well as wielder of ultimate federal authority.

Contrary to its high political status, Bern is a small city of about one-hundred-thirty-thousand populace, preserving a little town’s simple approach to life. The place’s main appeal is its ambiance; the Old Town keeps traffic out and one could spend days simply wandering the alleys and street, or hopping through the cafés, or if the weather is warm, taking a river plunge with the locals.

The ideally conserved medieval street arrangement, with its indomitable towers, arcades, and street fountains, convinced UNESCO to consider Bern as a World heritage Site, inserting it in the band of legendary sites as Petra, Taj Mahal, and Florence. Bern, the capital of Switzerland is one of the most extraordinary exemplars of Europe’s medieval town architecture.

Presiding on top of the city is the splendid dome of the Parliament house. Moving a few steps from the major station and Aare River, is the Prison Tower along with all of the other Bern places of interest. In most occasions, the House of Parliament opens its doors to visitors and the public to watch live parliament proceedings.

One of the longest Europe shopping promenades, the entire line of houses and shops come together into an integrated whole, each connected through long covered walkways called the arcades. This shopping boulevard is a pure pleasure to unhurriedly stroll along on, be it rain or shine.

Bern facets so many amazing places to see, things to do, and activities to explore; the river Aare alone attracts a lot of people of different ages, especially during the summer when the refreshing and clean water of the river invites one to cool off and take the plunge. So, for those planning to visit Switzerland, don’t miss out on the wonderful experience that awaits every visitor in the capital of Switzerland, Bern.