The Most Exciting Property Market in Europe

´╗┐The Most Exciting Property Market in Europe

Montenegro, poised on the brink of EU accession acceptance, is undoubtedly the most exciting country in Europe for property investors today.

The wealth of potential in the market stems from the fact that real estate in Montenegro is massively undervalued, it is growing in demand from those seeking an affordable holiday home in the sun, Montenegro is growing in popularity as a holiday destination, the country is aligned for EU acceptance and the local economic reforms entered into by the government of Montenegro are resulting in strong and sustainable levels of foreign direct investment.

The climate in the property market in Montenegro right now is therefore incredibly ripe and it is attracting real estate investors from around the world.

Immediate gains can be realised from the rental of suitable coastal properties to the fledgling but burgeoning tourism market, with longer term rental income likely from well appointed and located apartments in the main towns in this tiny gem of a European country.

Medium to long term the property market in Montenegro is likely to reward a patient investor with substantial capital growth because as the local economy is boosted by inward foreign direct investment, so the numbers of companies relocating to Montenegro increases and so the demand for properties to purchase goes up. Furthermore as the local economy is strengthened and the local people become wealthier in real terms, they will present an investor with a second tier to the market to target over the medium to longer term.

Montenegro was once a country frequented by the European glitterati, the famous, the beautiful, the royals and the rich, but many years of strife resulted in the oppression and depression of a nation and its people. Thankfully gone are the days when Montenegro suffered at the hands of the war hungry and Montenegro and its neighbouring countries have settled down so much that they are all either fully fledged members of the European Union or poised on the brink of entry. The years during which the country suffered are over and the unrivalled wealth of stunning architectural and geographical beauty that Montenegro is home to is once again drawing the crowds from across Europe.

Montenegro is truly a beautiful gem of a nation and one that is beginning to shine and sparkle once again making it the perfect place for property investors seeking substantial potential for profits and gains.