Top Tips for a Cheap European Travel

Top Tips for a Cheap European Travel

In the past years, you can already venture into a European getaway with merely in your pocket to spend for your daily provisions. Since the cost was too cheap, there were lots of sacrifices which the travelers had to endure too. Among of those worthy to mention are the need to sleep in the train stations or inside the train cars and the necessity to stay in a cheap hotel wherein the occupants of at least 12 rooms or so had to share one bath.

For sure, you can’t afford to make these sacrifices! With the life’s comfort we have, it is nearly impossible that you can go back to the practices of the days of yore. At any rate, you must not be discouraged especially if you are really resigned to the prospect of getting into the boundaries of Europe. There are innumerable countries to visit, so to speak and the good news is that you can grab a cheap European travel package for your most awaited vacation!

Here are some of the top tips that will guide you through your efforts of finding the means to travel Europe cheaply. You can always save money, you know. So, read on!

Avoid the peak season. If you don’t want to spend more money on hotel, airfare, food and local transportation then go to Europe when others don’t. European countries websites can give you ideas on the best dates to avoid the crown and save money at the same time.

Try the Open Jaw Ticket. If you intend to visit more places in the continent, you can devise a plan: purchase the Open Jaw Ticket. It means that you will schedule your trip that is bound for a single direction. For instance, you will land in London and then you will depart from another country.

Go to the countries which require cheaper expenses. Western Europe hosts the nations which do not require you to shell out a fortune from your pockets. You can include Greece and Portugal in your itineraries. These places have so much to offer to you.

Be wise with the choice of transportation. You can access the sites in the European destinations either by bus, train, plane, and hired cars. Whichever will allow you to save money must be your choice. Take for instance the case of Spain. The price of gasoline per liter is approximately 80 Euro cents.

If you will prefer car rental, be sure to check the cost of gasoline beforehand. Better opt for the diesel cars when you talk to the car rental agents. They will provide you with more gas mileage and a lot of savings too. Meanwhile, the rail network of Italy offers cheap ticket prices so if you intend to visit the place, you might as well go sightseeing via the trains. Tickets are available from the well-marked counter booths.

Avail of the admissions cards. Since you will most likely marvel at the museums, you have to check out the admissions cards from the tourist information stations. With these, you can get the discounted rates especially if you plan to tour several museums in your entire stay.

Be precise with your accommodation. Hotels may take advantage of the flow of people and will moreover increase their rates. You have another option, though. Apartments or rented houses will be best for group travels. Therein, you are allowed to cook so you are able to save more.

Chancing upon bargains will seemingly complete your cheap European travel. Hence, it is a must to source out your possible opportunities to maximize the pleasure of this lovely experience.