Tours as Excellent Retirement Gifts

Tours as Excellent Retirement Gifts

Imagine this: you find yourself sitting snugly in the back of a black cab in London, winding towards an unknown location. And when do you get to that secret workshop, the place where luxury watch-manufacturer Richemont is tweaking the last bits of their famed watches which are worth tens of thousands of pounds, each synthesized from the most exclusive and expensive materials available.

Secret tours like this are usually made for VIPs, but if you can stomach the costs that come with it, then this can make one of the best retirement gifts you can give.

Has anyone ever wondered how Dunhill cigarettes are blended or how Maserati designs their vehicles? With the right connections and ample amount of moolah, then one can get these once in a lifetime opportunities.

Why Expensive Tours?

Touring the secret workshops and factories of fabled brands like Omega and Aston Martin is simply a wonderful trip to the halls of history and culture. These brands always carry this certain regal quality to them, and getting to know the men and women behind them and how they share the founder’s vision and emotions when creating these masterpieces are simply priceless.

Nothing astounds man more than the feeling of discovery and appreciation. Witnessing how thousands of little pieces form together a luxurious watch that is precise in it’s telling of time and flirtatious in its aura is simply a breath-taking experience. The fact that you know something that most people don’t know, where the feeling of exclusivity simply takes one over is simply irreplaceable. Basically, it would make anyone feel privileged and special. That is the feeling one will find in these tours, and nothing else can match up to that.

Other Tours

If these kinds of tours are simply too hard on the bank account, then one can opt for tours in the traditional sense: trips to the Alpine or a cross-country odyssey in Europe. An example is the Tour de Mont Blanc, which a classic alpine route and one of the world’s most famed walks. It traverses the highest mountain in Western Europe and it also passes through France, Italy and Switzerland, all of which share the Mont Blanc Massif.

It isn’t entirely demanding, involving mainly moderate hiking through alpine villages and magnificent valleys. Not only that, one also has opportunity to experience the culture of the place, savoring the best food and wines of the region in commonplace alpine inns.

The treks last for about two weeks, starting from Geneva and ending in Chamonix. This is the kind of tour that most people never venture in, and giving a ticket to this trip will reawaken the adventurer in everyone, seeing the sights and sounds of only the best in Europe while feeling literally the breath of the world in the Alpines.


Whatever your choice for the perfect tour for the retiree, make sure it astounds him/her while keeping your budget in check. Yes, retirement gifts must be the best they possibly can, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll kill yourself for their happiness. It may be as simple as a ticket to European countries, where they can go to art galleries strategically placed in key cities.

There they can still appreciate the history humankind has built for himself.