Venere Hotels In Naples Italy

Venere Hotels In Naples Italy

Are you planning to spend a grand vacation in Naples Italy? You haven’t really decided what to do or better yet where to stay in Naples Italy. Booking a hotel reservation can be very demanding of your time and money or so you thought. Gone are the days of long and tedious waiting calls just to get the confirmed reservation that you want. The computerization of everything in the world including the way we book for a hotel accommodation has made the way far easier and more convenient.

One company in Europe that does all the booking concerns is the Venere that can be accessed through ( Venere has a network with more than 12,000 hotels, bread and breakfasts, and apartments all over Europe. Venere hotels in Naples Italy are well kept and maintained. They follow a strict high standard to keep the guests delighted. To date there are 25 Venere hotels in Naples Italy. Whether you want to stay in de luxe, first class or economy hotel, Venere hotels in Naples Italy are classified for any of those categories.

The six most expensive hotels among the Venere hotels in Naples Italy, according to the price per room per night that is pegged as high as 285 euros, are Parker’s Grand Hotel, Hotel Royal, Continental, Hotel Palazzo Turchini, Hotel New Europe, and Hotel Mercure Angioino. These hotels are rated four stars except for Parker’s Grand Hotel which is rated as the highest with five stars.

On the other hand, the five cheapest among the list of Venere hotels in Naples Italy are Hotel Zara, Hotel Colombo, Hotel Milton, Hotel Ideal and Hotel Garden. Hotel Milton and Hotel Zara are rated two stars while the other three are rated three stars. Interestingly, Hotel Colombo, being the second cheapest hotel is rated three stars. A cheapest room per night cost as low as 50 euros.

Other hotels that belong somewhere in between are Hotel Villa Capodimonte, Hotel Caravaggio, Hotel Best Western Paradiso, Hotel Correra 241, Space Hotel Nesis, Hotel Dimora Sant’Eligio, and Hotel Neapolis. These hotels are cheaper than the five most expensive but are much higher compared to the cheaper ones.

Likewise, Hotel Dell Nazioni, Albergo Del Golfo, Hotel Schilizzi, Hotel Del Real Orto Botanico, Hotel Plebiscito Due, Hotel Cavour, and Hotel Sant’Angelo are relatively affordable Venere hotels in Naples Italy.

All the hotels that Venere endorses are proven with an excellent track record in service and accommodation. Depending on your budget, these hotels can make your stay in Naples Italy a truly memorable one. These hotels are the top choices of celebrities both local and international. A place like these in Naples Italy can do great wonders; you would never know that you could actually be seated with a Hollywood star.