Why not a Stag Party in Budapest?

´╗┐Why not a Stag Party in Budapest?

Split down the middle by the Danube river, yet inundated with great bars, outrageously fit Hungarian women, and with the heat of the South European sun beating down – Hungary’s Budapest should be top of your list for a stag party location this year.

The capital of Hungary is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most sought after destinations. Either side of the Danube lie the historic Buda, or the cosmopolitan centre of nightlife and shops that is Pest – acting as an intoxicating mix for a great stag weekend. Why not explore this vibrant, cultural city before the hoards of tourists descend to make it another crowded Paris.

Whatever you have planned, Budapest is so diverse that you will always find something to do in this “Paris of the East”. Whether it’s eating and drinking at one of the hordes of ludicrously cheap city bars, relaxing out the day after in one of the 123 registered thermal spas or simply checking out Buda’s historic castle – this Eastern European capital never sleeps.

So prepare for a trip of sights, sun and wild stories to tell. Just remember to book your Monday off work. Its probably best really.

Budapest in a nutshell:

– Weekend on a shoestring? No issue. Have a beer for 80p, and dine for less than a fiver,

– Soak up the sun with some of the highest summer temperatures in Europe.

– Adventure sports, Trabant rallying and absailing in the Pilis Mountains. You may want to lay off the lager beforehand though.